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Making possibility a reality

Creating an environment where people can achieve extraordinary things

"It’s an exciting team to work in and we get to contribute to a wide range of activities across the company. There’s never a dull moment and with the success of the pipeline and support of on-going clinical products, our workload increases on a daily basis."

Emma Baston
CMC Development Team

Go further with Immunocore Academy

We formally launched in 2018, but the idea for our academy was born at almost the same time as we formed the company, around 18 years ago. It brings to life the people, spirit and culture of our organisation as we help each other grow and develop.

Our two-day foundation programme will begin to open discussions on culture, values, transparency, inequality and innovative, forward thinking, and it lays the foundation for bringing your ‘whole self’ to work.

Leader vs. Individual Contributor

We understand that not everyone wants to manage other people, even though it’s often seen as the only way to progress. So we’ve developed two career ladders that mean our employees can choose their own path.

As an individual contributor, we’ll help you become an expert in your field and have the maximum impact in your role. As a leader, we’ll help you develop your skillset in management fundamentals. We offer great platforms for both and the best part is that you can move between each stream as you progress.

Becoming a Leader

Our four-day Fundamentals programme is specifically designed to build our next generation of leaders. The programme develops the expectations of leadership in our managers. They’ll learn how to clarify direct & inspire, deliver goals and plans, work collaboratively, optimise potential in others and become a role model for our values.

Continuous Learning

We encourage our employees to develop and learn by becoming experts in their field, and by encouraging them to grow into new areas; whether that’s moving away from the bench and into the clinic, or into a support function like business development. We also spare no expense in sending our people around the world to the leading conferences and expos. Here are two case studies from Emma and Joe who, closer to home, have developed and reskilled in very different areas from where they began with us.