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Internships and Industrial Placements

We offer up to four positions a year for a 12 month tenure, depending on our internal projects, to candidates who are looking to gain experience working for a leading Biotech.

We are currently reviewing internship and placement needs and will shortly be announcing plans for 2019. 

All opportunities will be advertised on the Immunocore Careers website along with details of projects and the application process. If you have already sent your CV please note these will receive an acknowledgement.


Thanks to the government’s new Apprentice levy, we’re able to offer Apprenticeships across all our business functions. All of our apprenticeships are paid from the funding we receive from the levy. We work in partnership with third parties who can accredit and manage our apprenticeship programmes, so you know you’re in good hands.

If you’d like to become an apprentice, please email recruitment@immunocore.com with Apprenticeship in the subject line.


Joseph Dukes

Joseph Dukes

Director of Biology & Program Lead

Joe Dukes is Director of Biology and Program Lead for GSK1, but that's not where he started out. Follow his story as he explains how he transitioned from academia into the world of biotech and how the support he's received has helped him to thrive.

"It's a fantastic place to work, not only because the technology is "cool" and cutting edge, but because I work with an incredible group of people. Immunocore support me in my decisions, balancing what is best for my development path with the company's needs and opportunities."

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Joseph Dukes

Joseph Dukes

Director of Biology & Program Lead

I knew quite early on in my post-doc academic career that I wanted to make the transition from academia and into industry. At first I found it a challenge to even get interviews in the industry with my background. Then I joined Immunocore in 2011 as a Senior Scientist in the preclinical cell biology group. When I joined, the size of the team was quite small with just two experienced senior scientists. It was exciting because the technology was unproven; IMCgp100 was our lead ImmTAC drug but had only just entered the clinic in dose-escalation Phase I studies. I was ready to get my hands dirty and I wanted to gain real industry experience to see if it lived up to my expectations.

I quickly found that this was a fantastic place to work, not only because the technology is “cool” and cutting edge, but because I work with an incredible group of people. From day one I knew I'd made the right choice. I was inspired, energised and passionate, and when you have those things you become motivated and just want to do the best you can in your role.

We started to make progress across the company from the research to the clinic and prospective partners. Every day I was learning something new, and the company really helped foster my development by giving me more responsibilities. I watched and learned about prospective business and partnership deals and eventually became a member of partnership committees. Immunocore really put its trust in me and exposed me to opportunities to learn and contribute wherever they could.

My manager saw my potential to become a manager and encouraged me to explore this path, if I was open to it. I thought I'd moved away from academia to avoid becoming a manager and stay in the lab, but I think perhaps I hadn't been in the right environment. Here, I was able to stay in the lab, while taking on a few line reports and seeing where I wanted to go.

I then had the choice of developing further as a manager or to become principle scientist. I was lucky to have more great people in my group and so this, combined with my positive experience of management, led me to continue down the management track. Immunocore have always supported me in my decisions, balancing what is best for my development with the company's needs and opportunities. Without this support, I wouldn't have found it as easy to transition into this role.

When it comes to learning about management, they recognise that both courses and on-the-job training are vital. Other leaders are always available for advice and mentorship, and I've been able to learn by example and consequently lead by example as a result. More recently Immunocore have invested heavily in leadership training courses, as they understand that it's important to be a good leader first. My own success within Immunocore is really down to the leaders who've been around me and supported me from the very start. Really, it's all about being able to lead by example – and the leaders in Immunocore do just that.

Work Experience

Depending on your age, you could join us for work experience in one of our business functions. For 16-18 year olds, we offer one-week work experience placements in the Easter and summer holidays. For those of your over 18, we offer extended periods of unpaid work experience over the summer holidays, often before or during University.

For logistical, safety and sustainability reasons we do favour local students. If you’re interested, just email recruitment@immunocore.com with Work Experience in the subject line.

Supporting STEM Students

We're passionate about getting more young people involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). That's why we have a heap of STEM Ambassadors here at Immunocore. Between us, we head out into the local community to reach out and engage with the public. We speak at schools, science festivals and clubs to nurture and develop local talent at a grass roots level, and we support work experience, internships and apprenticeships.

We also have a strong relationship with the Oxfordshire UTC, a STEM specialist school for 14-18 year olds based in Didcot where, amongst other activities, we support their careers fairs to promote a career in STEM subjects.

Choosing a PhD Scheme

If you're looking at your options for higher education, we support a joint PhD scheme with Cardiff University for projects which align to the work that we do. The scheme is funded, is primarily based here at Immunocore and after you've finished your PhD, you could have the option of continuing to work with us.