Why join us

We're ambitious about our future, and yours

We think we're pretty unique in the way we work together.

Everything we do is a little different: from the way we approach our work, right down to the way we show our appreciation to our people. We've all had to ask ourselves at one time, what we're looking for and what we want to be part of. Now it's your turn.

I want to shape the future of science

We're extremely ambitious about our future, and with good reason. Our revolutionary approach to immune-oncology is changing the game and we know that there's still so much more to discover. And it's not just the science which has us excited. Our approach has the potential to treat a huge range of diseases. Decide to be part of this journey with us and side-by-side we'll break new ground together.

I want to explore new opportunities

With so much potential, comes a world of possibilities. Everyone at Immunocore is in the position to help shape the future of our company and our journey is only just getting started. As we expand and grow our expertise into new clinical and commercial areas, we have the chance to build something pretty incredible together. Which means your career will be filled with opportunity too. We can't know what the future will bring, but we can help you develop and carve your own path as we evolve together.

I want to make a difference

We all have one thing in common at Immunocore. Our work has the potential to save lives. It's what inspires us, and keeps us moving forward every day. And it connects us together, knowing that we're all working towards the same goal. After all, what could be more inspiring than knowing that your work could potentially increase someone else's lifespan, or that eventually we could cure rather than just treat disease? It's a pretty powerful motivator for us, and hopefully for you too.

I want to be part of something bigger

No one can do what we do alone. Collaboration is fundamental to our success. So we try to adopt a ‘collegiate' culture here. What does that mean? Well, a good idea can come from anywhere. And as with academia, we're driven by our own individual contributions, rather than status. We respect each other's expertise and we work without any unnecessary hierarchy. If you decide to join us, you'll be a crucial part of our growing team, where everyone has a voice and we celebrate our success as one.


A Rewarding Future

We’re pretty rare for a biotech. We’ve been referred to as a potential Unicorn by the Times Tech 100, we received a record breaking investment of $320 million in 2015, and we’re currently evolving from a purely research organisation into a commercial, drug development company. All of this represents an enormous opportunity and in the future, you may very well look back and say ‘I was there when…’

Right now, we’re big enough to get things done, but small enough to feel the impact of every individual. When it comes to our people, they have the power to do incredible things. So we look after them from day one, helping them to live full, happy and rewarding lives.


25 Days Annual Leave

Plus the bank holidays of course.


Life Insurance

You'll be covered at 4 x your salary.


Health Benefits

Including BUPA private cover and optional extras.


Discounts, Schemes and Vouchers

To help with the gym, buying a new bike and childcare.


Relocation Package

Helping you to make the move closer to us.