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Immunocore is an innovative and dynamic biotechnology company developing a unique platform of T Cell antigen receptor-based therapeutics, called ImmTAXs, as a novel class of treatments for cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Immunocore has a well- established pipeline of wholly owned programmes, of world leading science and strong IP position, which has led to discovery collaborations with Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Medimmune as well as a co-discovery & co-development partnership with Lilly, and recent investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Research department are now seeking an Associate Scientist to join the Antibody Research team to conduct experimental investigation, with supervision and guidance from colleagues and managers, enabling the advancement of the company pipeline, process, or technology capabilities.  


  • Design of DNA constructs for various applications and expression strategies. Knowledge of primer design, PCR, site directed mutagenesis, standard and Gibson assembly cloning.
  • Protein expression in various host: Bacteria (cytoplasmic and periplasmic), mammalian, yeast and insect cultures.
  • Design of protein fusions for enhanced protein solubility and streamlined detection.
  • Protein purification via affinity tags (HIS-tag , Protein A/G/L, MBP, GST, Strep-tag) and ion-exchange chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography on the bench and on AKTA systems.
  • Protein characterisation techniques (SDS-PAGE, Native gels, Western blotting etc.)
  • Phage display technologies for the selection and affinity maturation of antibodies and TCRs.
  • Design and production of Fc-containing ImmTAX for half-life extension.
  • Explore other strategies for half-life extension.
  • Cellular assay for potency and specificity validation of bispecific molecules.
  • Maintaining and increasing technical knowledge in relevant fields through self-study, observation, attending relevant conferences and training courses.
  • Maintaining accurate records of all work by completing laboratory notebooks on time, following Company procedures


  • Operated in a bench- based laboratory environment with competence in key techniques relevant to the department.
  • Competent in the safe use of general laboratory equipment.
  • Recorded results and information in a concise, accurate and timely way as part of studies or in a work environment.
  • Learnt about new practices based through observation, self-learning and an enquiring mind.
  • Worked and contributed actively in a diverse team environment.
  • Experience in the areas of protein biochemistry:
    • Protein expression in bacterial and/or mammalian systems.
    • Protein purification using ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography methods (preferably using the AKTA system)
    • SDS-PAGE


  • BSc or MSc. in protein engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology or related discipline 
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