Join us on the edge of a scientific revolution

We’re discovering new possibilities every day.

We have a pretty big heart here at Immunocore, and our research sits squarely at the centre of it.

Our researchers play a crucial role in our shared mission – they’re the ones uncovering the revolutionary science that we know has the potential to save lives. In fact, we’re pretty lucky to be able to work in state-of-the-art facilities, where we use the very latest tech to break new scientific ground. And we’re not trying to show off, we just believe in what we’re doing. So if you join us, you should be ready to make a difference, because we’re shaping the future of immuno-therapy.

  • Antibody Discovery
  • Autoimmune
  • Cell Biology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • MHC Research Group
  • Protein Science
  • Proteomics & TCR diagnostics
  • Target Validation
  • Research Management
  • Publications
  • Exploratory


We know patience is the key to our success

From a small idea, great things can grow. Research is a slow process and to prove our theories takes time, perseverance and dedication. We have all of these in abundance. We listen to each other’s ideas, encouraging people to experiment, and most importantly we applaud failure because we know this is how, ultimately, we’ll succeed. Not too long ago, our science was thought impossible, now it leads the way, and everywhere pure, diligent, purpose-led scientific excellence keeps us honest. We’re asking the big questions, are you?

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Jobs in Research

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"I joined Immunocore because of my fascination with the immune system and how the company was engineering it to help patients. Hearing about how our molecules could change lives gets me out of bed in the morning."


Ruth Martinez-Hague

Group Leader, Infectious Disease

"It was the ImmTACs that first interested me about Immunocore. I came for an interview and realised how great the company is and I just knew I had to be a part of the team."


Nicole Mai

Protein Scientist

"The best thing about working here is that there’s a real sense of continuous learning. It’s a really strong incentive to stay here."


Sarnjeet Kaur

Sample Management Administrator