Business support

Together, we can transform lives

We’re the ones who keep the wheels on track, supporting our teams from day one.

You can’t change the world without beginning somewhere, right? Well, we started with a great foundation.

Having the right people in our business support roles has been fundamental to our success so far. We simply couldn’t do our work without them. So you could be an ace with numbers or have a flare for powerful communication; maybe you’re an IT genius or you can organise a diary within an inch of its life; or maybe you enjoy dissecting the nitty gritty of legal documents. Wherever your talent lies, there’s a place for you within our business support teams.

  • Finance
  • IT
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Administration/Executive Support
  • Health & Safety
  • Communications
  • Business Development
  • Legal/Contracts/IP
  • Government Affairs


We work collaboratively to get the best results

‘Oil the engine’, ‘fuel the jet’ – we’re the cogs that make Immunocore function day-to-day. From Finance to people, programme leadership to the big wigs in the board room, we glue everything together. We’re an organised bunch who love a process and a finish line. That said, we’re not here to get in the way or inhibit but rather facilitate and service the business, to live and breathe its purpose – Transformational Science That Transforms Lives.

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raised for 22 charities in 2017

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Jobs in Business Support

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"What attracted me to Immunocore was the opportunity to apply my scientific skills within a biotech company who are striving to create new therapies to tackle serious human diseases"


Alice Barkell

Portfolio Manager

"It’s important to me to feel connected to the company I work for, to feel pride in what I do and enjoy working there. That’s why I wanted to work at Immunocore and why, 7 months later, I still love my job."


Michelle Buckingham

Financial Controller

"We’re developing into a fully integrated company and I sit at the interface of multiple critical functions that require seamless coordination in order to bring our breakthrough drugs to the patients that need them."


Mark Lees

Executive Operations Manager