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Unlocking the gates to global health equality

In September 2017, we received an incredible investment of up to $40 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The donation will support the development of our ImmTAV/B (Immune mobilising monoclonal TCRs Against Viruses/Bacteria) platform. The Gates investment is part of the programme-related investments (PRI) strategy, which aims to stimulate private sector-driven innovation in global health.

Bill Gates, who spoke at J.P. Morgan’s 36th Annual Healthcare Conference, explained his reasons for investing came down to believing in a noble purpose: ‘Achieving health equity in our lifetime is not only a possibility, it is imperative, because everyone – no matter where they live – deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life’.

He also eluding to the deep connection in our understanding between oncology and infectious diseases: “…insights uncovered in ongoing immunotherapy research for cancer will eventually help us control all infectious diseases”. It’s this connection which forms the foundation of Immunocore’s infectious diseases effort. The application of our soluble TCR-based therapeutics towards fighting infectious diseases is deeply informed by nearly 20 years of research and development into the oncology ImmTAC platform, coupled with the clinical experience from our lead oncology programme, IMCgp100.

Together, this collaboration aims to discover new treatments for infectious diseases that pose a global health challenge. Chris Karp (Director of Discovery & Translational Sciences at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) commented “We are excited to support the development of Immunocore’s TCR-based platform because we believe these treatments have the potential to make a fundamental difference in the lives of patients infected with TB and HIV.”

If you’re interested in joining us on our journey, take a look at our current opportunities.