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Saving lives, one day at a time

One of our employees, Bea Choi, was recently featured in a Daily Mail article around Gene therapies; revolutionary medical techniques that use a patient's cells and tissues to restore normal function. With the UK cell and gene therapy sector predicted to create an additional 18,000 jobs by 2035, this upcoming field is expected to make huge waves in the coming years.

Bea Choi, 34, is a senior scientist within our infectious disease department here at Immunocore and has been with the company since early 2017. She began her studies with a Biology BSc and a Masters in the Immunology of Infectious Diseases, and then worked as a research technician before gaining her PhD. The infectious disease department are not only researching how to treat diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis, they also recently received an investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of $40million to develop immunotherapies for infectious diseases that pose a global health challenge. All of this makes it an incredibly exciting place to work right now.

Bea says: “I’m working on medicines based around molecules that play roles in the immune system, to treat viral conditions such as HIV.” She advises young people who want to enter the field of immunology “To try to stay current, be flexible and be happy. Research can evolve quite fast sometimes (and sometimes ironically, not fast enough), so you need to keep on top of the literature, current programmes and clinical trials and be flexible to evolve.  But most importantly, be happy! If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it really shows.”

In January 2018, Bea was also awarded the accolade of Ambassador of the month for, a non-profit educational website which aims to promote cutting edge knowledge and research in basic and clinical immunology worldwide. When asked about why Bea chose Immunology she said “What’s not to love about immunology!?! Your body is amazing and immunology is a massive part of life and living.” We couldn’t have said it better. Go Bea!

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