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Leading the way forward

The measure of any biotech is invariably its ability to develop a successful pipeline of molecules as quickly and safely as possible. To punch through that ‘will it-won’t it’ phase of dice rolling that underpins scientific discovery. Which is why we’re proud to say we’ve done that.

Now, our new program leadership team is working hard to harness that process and scale it into something cross-functionally efficient. To head this up, we’ve brought in Dave Watson from Biogen, and with him comes Andrew Fadden from Vertex and Joanne Barrett from Roche. Together with a few of our own, promoted from within, we’ve assembled a hugely experienced team that will transcend the organisation and fast-track our molecules to where they need to be.

We’re determined to remain agile, responsive, purpose-led and specific as we grow. It’s all too easy to become burdened by bureaucracy and process and forget what is essential. Dave Watson personifies the essentialist way of thinking: 

“Immunocore has grown and advanced based on transformational science and the exciting potential of our ImmTAC platform. What enables us to rapidly develop our key molecules is the amazing scientific insights, knowledge and expertise within our core functional groups and our ability to harness this expertise in focused cross function teams. My role now is to ensure strong program leadership for each of our development stage molecules. I’ll work to bring people together within integrated program teams, to promote communication, and to enable a single focus around defining and driving all key program activities.

With our lead ImmTAC (IMCgp100) now in pivotal trials and other ImmTACs progressing through our pipeline, it’s really important that we combine our strengths with a program focus, so we can deliver our transformative treatments to patients.

Immunocore had already established a dedicated group of program leaders. It was the combination of cutting edge science, the advancing pipeline, and the opportunity to help shape the future growth of the company and program leadership that drew me to this role. I’m very proud to have joined, we have a lot to do, and it’s fantastic to be involved.”

We wish Dave and the team every success and will do everything within our power to support them on this transformational journey.

If you want to be part of the next stage of our journey, check out our current opportunities in Clinical Development now.